David Porush

I am a former professor of literature, electronic media, and AI (Rensselaer; William and Mary) and entrepreneur (Spongefish, MentorNet) writing about the origin of the alphabet, Jewish history and mystery, what the past tells us about the future of culture, science, and the media, and other indulgences. Here are links to three of my books:

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2 thoughts on “David Porush

  1. David Porush! You’ve got a blog!

    I was a freshman in your “Contemporary American Fiction” class at W&M in 1981 or so. I remember being very shocked on the day of your last lecture. I think you encouraged us to do some “active dreaming,” and I started thinking holy shit, he’s really leaving!

    Very good to see that you’re out there and still, like Pluto ….”way out there!” You were always one of my very favorite teachers. I think it was a real loss to W&M when you left, but then what do I know. Your class was one heck of a lot more fun than P-chem.

    Anyway, before I forget, I think I left my copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is in your office.

    (One of the only ones on Planet Earth to have read and who owns a copy of Rope Dances).


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