Welcome to your journey into telepathy.

Yes, mind reading. But it’s not what you are thinking. (See, I can read your mind.)

The telepathy I mean uses technologies for mind-to-mind communication possible. This is the only telepathy most of us have ever experienced: getting thoughts between minds by using a medium of communication: language, text on paper or the computer screen, voice over the phone, and soon enough through direct neural links to our brains with translation through a computer. These are all examples of Technologically-Mediated Telepathy, or TMT for short

So apologies if you came here looking for testimony about getting thoughts directly and without mediation from one mind to another in the science-fiction, ESP, fantastical sense.

A good place to start is be looking at one of the first technologies to really break down barriers between trading subjectivities between minds, the phonetic alphabet. So you can start here with a look at the origin of the alphabet as a model for understanding revolutions in communication technologies.

I also travel down by-roads into

I’m the author of The Soft Machine: Cybernetic Fiction (Methuen/Routledge), Rope Dances (short stories, The Fiction Collective); A Short Guide to Writing About Science, (HarperCollins & Pearson) and others, a hundred reviews, essays, blogs, and articles and for 21 years a professor of literature and media first at William & Mary and then at Rensselaer. Former CEO of Mentornet. Now a grandpa.

You can write to me here.

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